Follow Through Friday/Saturday Success Stories

Find Out About Follow Through Friday Here:

What is Follow Through Friday?

A day to pick a few tasks (I usually try to stick to 3 because it is a manageable number for me personally) that have been gathering dust on the to-do list for a while and commit to completing them.  Starting projects is easy for me.  Finishing them?  Not so much.  I like to say I’ll do those things “later” and then later never seems to arrive.  For a more detailed explanation on the goal for Follow Through Friday, read this post.
Posting each week helps to keep me accountable to those tasks.  Hosting a link up where other bloggers can add their posts about what they are going to do makes it fun.

What are the guidelines for linking up your blog post?

There are no set guidelines other than sharing in your post what long-postponed project(s) you plan to complete for Follow Through Friday.

I’d appreciate it if you’d grab the button below to put in your post as well as comment after linking up your blog:   FollowThroughFriday1

When does the link up go live?

I schedule the link up to go live at 5a.m. Central Standard Time each week.
UPDATE:  I no longer do a link up but feel free to link back to the post or simply share your items in the comments.

  The Story on Saturday Success Stories:

What are Saturday Success Stories?

The posts describing the outcomes of what happened on Follow Through Friday.  I like to stay positive so I’ve titled the series Saturday Success Stories.  However, life happens and successful completion of the Friday tasks sometimes falls to the wayside.  You can read my very first Saturday Success Stories post here.  Although it is not common to host link ups two days in a row, I didn’t want to wait an entire week before sharing the Follow Through Friday progress because I know that I personally would struggle with having yet another unfinished task on my to-do list.  It also puts just that tiny amount of extra pressure out there that some of us (um, me! me!) need to go ahead and complete those tasks.

What are the guidelines for linking up your blog post?

Same as stated above for Follow Through Friday.  If you didn’t get a Follow Through Friday post linked up but played along with the tasks and want to share about your success on Saturday, that’s fine!

I’d appreciate though if you’d grab the button below to put in your post as well as leave me a comment after linking up your blog:


When does the link up go live?

That is a tricky answer for the Saturday Success Stories.  I do not usually write those posts ahead of time as I am usually spending Friday working on my 3 designated tasks and sometimes it takes ALL of my Friday day and night (I’m finishing up this Follow Through Friday task at 10:45p.m.).   I try to set the link up to go live as soon as I can on Saturday morning with a goal of getting the post up before 10a.m. Central Standard Time.
UPDATE:  I no longer do the link up but feel free to link back to the post or simply come and share your successes in the comments.



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