What’s Going On Wednesday: No Snow Day For Us

The snow talk started with the Sunday news.  More talk about it on Monday.  Even Tuesday morning, they were still optimistic.


  • The grocery store seemed full and the patrons were acting nutty. The cashier asked me if Minnesota won the Superbowl. Um, what? No, they weren’t in it.  (Yep, it’s definitely going to snow, I thought to myself).
  • In the afternoon, I made the boys go get their dad’s birthday cards because the roads would most likely be bad later.
  • A cup of coffee at Mom’s Night Out (Actually, I had a smoked butterscotch latte, and no, you don’t want to see the nutrition stats on that one. Yikes!) because I had to get out since we’d probably be stuck at home on Tuesday night and Wednesday.


  • Made myself get up and run the rest of my small errand list because the snow eta was about 2p.m.  Grumbled to myself how I’d be picking up a teenager from school right in the middle of that.
  • Started a crisis cleaning of the house about noon since the kids would likely be home on a snow day today and I dislike cleaning around people.
  • Don’t care for drama but a little found its way into my day as I went to pick up my high school kid and he didn’t show.  Frustrated, went home, noticed he forgot his phone. Waited wondering when to panic when he finally did show.  Next time, please, borrow a phone and CALL ME. A simple misunderstanding, he thought I was working and I thought he needed a ride. Too much drama and stress for my day. Still no snow.
  • News now says IF it snows, it won’t start until 6p.m. or later but most likely it will go north of us.  And it did.

WEDNESDAY (today):

  • Everyone’s at work or school
  • My hot chocolate ingredients sit untouched (perhaps, I’ll make a batch this weekend) but we’ve been eating the cinnamon rolls all week. 
  • Looks like I’ll get to continue my crisis/deep cleaning of the house for tomorrow (Husband’s birthday so we’ll have some family over for cake)


My oldest son says he’d settle for a late start at this point just he could sleep in one day.  Not me, I want a full on snow day with pretty blanket of white snow covering everything.  Just one. There’s another chance of snow this weekend but I’m not getting too excited (yet).

What about you? Do you like a little snow now and then?



Happy Homemaker Monday, First Full Week of February

It’s the first Monday in February and we’re inching closer to Spring.  It’s cold, it’s snowy, and it’s definitely still winter around here.

A busy week looms on the horizon over here and I feel like I have tons to accomplish.  Since last week was rather boring, I’m kind of glad.

Let’s just jump right into the categories today. (Green headings in honor of the Superbowl champions. What a great game!)

The Weather

COLD.  Currently 8 degrees but feels like -4 this morning.  A decent (finally!) snow predicted for tomorrow and a bit on Saturday as well? We are supposed to hit 46 for a high Thursday, my husband’s birthday, so the roads will hopefully be okay for his celebration.

As much as I’d like to say I’m ready for spring, I’m surprisingly excited to see a little winter weather around here.  I think one of the local television weather announcers summed it up best yesterday. “I’d like one good snowstorm and then, it can be 70 degrees.” Couldn’t agree more.

As I Look Outside My Window

I see snow-covered ground but the brown grass pokes through it still.  Remnants of bird seed on the deck (greedy squirrel) and a sky starting to cloud up again.

Right Now I Am

Trying to get a start on this post before I go to my hair appointment and half-listening to the local news my husband forgot to turn off this morning.

Thinking And Pondering

How although Christmas isn’t my favorite holiday, it is my favorite holiday for hiding a messy house.  People can focus on your Christmas tree instead of your dust! Yes, I desperately need to clean house this week.

Also, thinking I need to do a much better job of getting the camera out this week. I hardly touched it last week.

And randomly, pondering where we should go on vacation this year.  A beach? Mountains? Or stay close to home?  Debating letting the high school junior decide since he’ll only have one year of high school  left after this summer.

On My Bedside Table

A little gray cat looking out the window, bottle of cocoa butter lotion (reminds me I need to go to the Dollar Tree today), a box of tissues, a few preschool books, and for some reason, J’s new bus pass.

On My TV

Lots of television watching last week (In addition to our regular shows of Better Late Than Never and The Flash, I finished watching The Colony, started a bit of The Naked Truth series, watched Ocean’s 13 on Saturday, then the Superbowl last night.  So probably aim to watch a little less this week and do a lot more reading. Still planning to watch The Flash on Tuesday and probably a bit of the Winter Olympics opening ceremonies and events over the weekend.

On The Menu This Week

Good question.  Is it any surprise I didn’t really follow my menu last week? We did have the pork chops and eat at the pancake supper but those were the only planned items that fell in line.  Time to try, try, try again.

MONDAY: MNO and I need to run the kids on an errand first so something easy. I’m probably going to offer the arches to the kids and let the husband fend for himself. OR we’ll have salads with chicken and/or bacon.

TUESDAY: Chili and cinnamon rolls (the BEST cinnamon rolls ever from a local restaurant near where I go to get my haircut) *G has pep band if the weather isn’t awful*

WEDNESDAY: Waffles and bacon (debating making the waffles from scratch as I do have a recipe)

THURSDAY: OUT for husband’s birthday (tacos) and then, chocolate cake with white frosting for dessert.

FRIDAY: Probably pizza *G has pep band*

On My To-Do List

  1. Clean the house
  2. Battle for bread and bananas Go to grocery store
  3. Take boys to get birthday cards for their dad
  4. Buy birthday cards and Valentine’s Day cards
  5. Mail a late birthday card
  6. Buy hairspray!
  7. Get haircut
  8. Go to Mom’s Night Out
  9. Upload J’s picture to ACT site (He’s taking it on Saturday)
  10. Get a new Valentine’s Day (or other winter) garden flag for front of house (noticed my snowman looks a little Christmas-y)

What I Am Sewing, Knitting, or Creating

Not much. Hoping I can manage to create at least the image of a clean house by Thursday night.

My Simple Pleasure

Orange slices.  I’m not sure anything tastes better than a fresh orange wedge during the blahs of winter and especially while recuperating from a cold. (Adding oranges to my grocery list right now!)

Lesson Learned The Past Week

Sometimes it’s important and necessary to step up and take control.  Still working on finding that balance between knowing when to let things flow and work themselves out and when to say “Enough” and do something.

From The Camera

Here’s a picture of the cold, 5 degree sunrise from this morning.  And the morning moon setting as well.

Making a goal to take at least 3 pictures each day this week.

Prayer List

Our link up host, Sandra and her family, as they are all down with the flu. All the rest of those suffering this flu season.  Friends, Family, Strangers.

Quote For The Week

Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.  (Elliot Erwitt)


Don’t forget to go visit Sandra (who managed to put up a post today despite having a house full with the flu) and all the other fabulous bloggers who link to Happy Homemaker Monday.





Slow Week For The Birds

This week wasn’t a great one for my bird-watching habits.  I spent more time reading and watching television than I did out looking for birds.  Making sure my cold didn’t linger or turn into any bronchial yuck.

Glancing out the backdoor turned out to be a bit disappointing most the week as well. I’m not sure but I think it may be related to greedy squirrels and/or our neighborhood hawk.

On Monday, I stood at the back door fussing at my “pet” squirrel.  Suddenly, as if he finally heard my words, that little squirrel scampered away from the deck.  I felt quite proud. Until…

A quick shadow and a big swoop over the neighbor’s rooftop. I watched as our little (pretty sure it’s not an adult yet) neighborhood hawk flew over the rooftop and attempted to grab a meal from the neighbor’s front yard.  I can’t speak to his success as I lost sight once he flew into the front since I was looking out the back door.

Our neighborhood hawk wasn’t interested in posing for pictures this week. Here are a few hawk pictures from my visit to the nature center last week.

Nature Center Hawk:

Other Birds I spotted This Week:

Have I mentioned it just wasn’t a good week for bird-watching around here?  The only picture I snapped is of this Starling (I think?) that I was simply trying to identify using the zoom on the camera. 

So, I spotted the typical Starlings sitting on wires including this one in a tree.  Fairly confident on a warmer day, our little Carolina Wren briefly popped out of hiding but not for very long. There was a lonely sparrow all puffed out on a cold day.

Did I mention our see-saw weather?  Yesterday was in the upper 40s. Today is down to 21 degrees with a feels like reading of 6 and not going to get warmer.

Seagulls flew overhead as I was taking my youngest son to school.  On the some day to-do list is to figure out where that flock is flying.

Also saw the resident Canada geese on the lake and in the air on my way to work both on Thursday and Friday.  Finally, I spotted a few fluffy Robins as I drove through the park on my lunch break as well as a few Cardinals sitting in the trees overlooking the playground.


What birds did you spot this week?

Be sure to go check out the Bird D’Pot hosted by Anni of I’d Rather B Birdin’ for all kinds of fabulous bird tales and photos!



The Journey Through January

Trying something new this year and looking back at the end of each month to see what I embraced.

Remember, my word of the year? Embrace!

First, an amazing quote:

Just yesterday, this quote jumped out at me on Pinterest. Fits the month and the new year perfectly. And, contains my word! 

Other Things I embraced in January (and so far this winter):

Reading! I crossed two books off my list of 18 books I plan to read in 2018! And I have The Glass Castle (another one from the list) waiting on my newest pile of library books.

After Christine from So Domestically Challenged mentioned Good Reads to me, I went ahead and made an account. Feel free to look me up and friend me if you can figure out how it works. I’ve found it so useful to log my reading progress as well as track books I want to read.


Reading under a blanket with a cup of hot tea beside me helped get me through some super cold January days. 


I post my bird-watching adventures each Saturday (occasionally, it takes until Sunday). This old/new hobby has certainly brought a lot of joy to me already this year. You can view my latest bird-watching post here.

Watching Too Much TV and Playing Games On My Phone!

Already watched Doctor Who, Humans, and Colony. Next up season 2 of The Magicians I’m still enjoying my time playing Animal Crossings Pocket Camp. Even discovered a friend of mine also plays it and now we’re not only real friends but pretend friends as well!  It gives me a great outlet when all the boys (husband included) are busy with their own electronics.

Being at home, pajamas, sleeping!

Things I still struggle to embrace….cooking dinner, being sick, back-talking teenagers, and cleaning.  Sometimes, the weather.


What things did you find to enjoy in January?


Happy Homemaker Monday, End Of January

We still have a few days to settle in and say goodbye to January.  January is currently waving goodbye to us with a rather cold morning and a few snow flurries.

I’m happy to be at home and not working as I’m still getting over my cold. Spent all day yesterday on the couch (and in my pajamas) mostly watching Netflix so I need to be slightly productive to start the week. Time to try to focus on how to do that with a Happy Homemaker Monday post.

The Weather

After pretty spring-like temps last week, things turned overnight and we woke up to 15 degrees with a windchill of 1. I do think it’s warmed up a bit. There was talk of snow and then, they removed the chances. And now, I see flurries swirling around outside.  The rest of the week continues with our up and down pattern, 53 on Wednesday, 35 on Thursday, and a more solid chance for snow next Sunday.

As I Look Outside My Window

I see snow flurries, a few sticking to things here and there, and a gray, overcast sky.

Right Now I Am

Working on this post, letting the cleaners and potions do their magic (what it will take to actually get them clean, I think) in our disgusting bathrooms, and trying to decide what to do next.

Thinking And Pondering

Nothing too deep.  I’m thinking of how sick I am of blowing my nose and of being sick.  It’s just a cold but it’s still annoying. Pondering all the projects I’d like to get done this week and wondering how much I’ll actually accomplish. I do (so far) work the last 2 days of the week.

On My Bedside Table

Pretty much the same as last week with the addition of a box of tissues and my phone charger.

On My TV

I started watching Colony on Netflix over the weekend and will likely finish with those episodes today.  Still need to rest while I’m sick, right?  It’s pretty intense and one of the co-creators also created Lost  (one of the main actors from that series, Josh Holloway, also plays the lead) so there’s quite a few twists and of course, book references.  Already updating my “want to read” list. Proud to have already read a few books referenced during the show.

My husband and I will probably watch Better Late Than Never together later tonight.

On The Menu This Week

It seems like I just went to the grocery store on Thursday so I am not going today even though it wouldn’t hurt. With two teenagers, I think I could go to the store every day and still not have enough food in this house. Yikes!

Unfortunately for them, I’m in a clearing out what we have on hand mood today so it will be a week of interesting menus perhaps. All subject to change, of course.

MONDAY: turkey club sliders, chips (or potatoes)

TUESDAY: basic fried pork chops, baked sweet potatoes

WEDNESDAY: chicken enchiladas, rice

THURSDAY: frozen pizza, salad *I work 8:30-5*

FRIDAY: Pancake Supper at the high school (band fundraiser) *I work 8:30-5*

On My To-Do List

  1. Take my (now overdue) books back to the library
  2. Clean the house
  3. Decorate house for Valentine’s Day (just have a very few things to set out)
  4. Make plans for husband’s birthday next week
  5. Write and schedule some blog posts (ones from last week)

What I Am Sewing, Knitting, or Creating

Nothing. Maybe a clean house will inspire me.

My Simple Pleasure

Clean, fresh sheets on the bed.

Lesson Learned The Past Week

Just a refresher course in this:

From The Camera

We bought new sheets for our bed. I love the pattern.

Pretty sure my husband only agreed to these because I was sick and miserable but I love them. I feel like such a grown up (ha!) with these on the bed.

Prayer List

Anyone and everyone who is sick and miserable (especially those with far worse illnesses than the common cold), family, friends.

Quote For The Week

My lesson from last week already contains my quote for this week:

The race is not always to the swift. (Aesop)


What’s on your agenda this week?

Don’t forget to visit our host, Sandra over at Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom!



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