What’s Going On Wednesday: A Late Summer Day At Home!

One of my favorite late summer things is the house to my self during the day.  Remember, school starts while it’s still summer around here.

I helped with the first full week of preschool all last week and worked yesterday and today. However, today, I’m finally getting that wonderful day at home by myself.  It’s been glorious!

Have I been sitting and staring mindlessly at Netflix all day? Nope. Some day soon perhaps.

Today, I’ve been busy working on a Done list instead of a to-do list. As I finish my items, I write them down on my list.  Giving myself a much-needed sense of accomplishment as I tackle little (and a few big) things around here.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  1. Cleaned both bathrooms including steam mopping the floors
  2. Cleared all the miscellaneous papers off our fridge and cleaned it off
  3. Completely cleared off the kitchen table
  4. Wiped off the kitchen chairs
  5. Steam mopped the kitchen floor
  6. Washed the shower curtain and bath mat (Laundry/ongoing)
  7. Listened to all the answering machine messages (erased all the sales calls)
  8. Cleared off the sofa and used the cat hair roller
  9. Paid the (overdue, oops!) trash bill
  10. Wrote this blog post

Short List for the rest of today:

  1. Pay rest of bills (hoping I didn’t miss any others that were due)
  2. Laundry (ongoing)
  3. Clear off this computer desk (Some of the stuff from the fridge relocated. SIGH)
  4. Clean off back deck
  5. Have cup of tea and read my book

If by some miracle I get tomorrow and Friday off as well, I’ll make an actual to-do list. I see so many projects as I’m cleaning the house.

Are your kids back in school yet? What little (or big) projects are you tackling this week?





Happy Homemaker Monday

I’m ready for a few quiet mornings.  It’s a treat to have a couple of hours this morning. Hoping for an entire quiet day tomorrow as I do have to go to work later this afternoon.

Joining in with Happy Homemaker Monday, hosted by Sandra of Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom, and all the other lovely bloggers who link up there.

The Weather

Rainy and cooler! It’s like a little fall preview but I’m sure the humidity’s coming.  High of 72 tomorrow. Highest predicted temperatures all week are 84 on Friday and 90 on Saturday.

Things That Make Me Happy

Monday morning coffee, quiet mornings, flowers, watching the birds. We saw a hummingbird in the blue flowers as we left for school this morning!

Book I’m Reading

Read Finished All the Little Lights by Jamie McGuire yesterday. Still trying to get through Carpe Diem, Seizing The Day In A Distracted World by Roman Krznaric

TV Today

Probably not much as I work all day.  Maybe a Parks and Recreation episode or two on Netflix when I get home. Or whatever my husband happens to be watching.

For Dinner Tonight

Not sure as I won’t be home until after 6.  Their options: leftover Rotisserie chicken, taco meat, pizza, French toast.  Husband’s choice.

On The Menu

MONDAY:  See above *I work 11-6*

TUESDAY:  BLT’s, cucumbers *I have Bunco at 7:00*

WEDNESDAY: Chili, cornbread

THURSDAY: Ham (in crock-pot), sweet potatoes *Open house at the middle school at 5:30* *G has band practice at 6:00*

FRIDAY:  Leftovers/Hot Dogs/OUT *Football game, G has to be there at 5:30, we’ll go later*

To-Do List

  1. Clean out fridge
  2. Prep some snacks/quick meal ingredients
  3. Clean the house (Main project for the week!)
  4. Look into getting new band shirt for J (last year’s shirt may be too small)
  5. Pay bills
  6. All the things I can’t think of at the moment

New Recipe I Tried Or Want To Try Soon

I’d like to try to make my own Sourdough bread. Any recipes? Advice?

In My Craft Basket

Still working on my butterfly garden area. Rescued a Gerbera daisy from the grocery store yesterday. 

Looking Forward To This Week

A slower pace and spending some free time at home.

From The Camera 

Lesson Learned The Past Few Days

As much as I enjoyed working a full schedule last week and just being myself, I’m not quite ready to give up the freedom being a substitute “on call” teacher gives me.  I’m certainly going to appreciate my days doing stuff around here a bit more this week.

On My Mind

Suddenly, a Willie Nelson song. Oh dear.

Quote For The Week

Calendar wisdom: 


What’s on your agenda for the week ahead?


Bird Watching Vs. Bird Photographing

Last week, I did a bit of bird watching. Not so much bird photographing.

I have only one lonely bird photograph to share.  However, I do have some fun bird watching tales to tell. It makes me wonder about it all.  Do we call this sport (hobby?) bird watching or bird photographing?  I love trying to capture the bird photos and joining in this link up each week.

However, I also love simply watching the birds. Many weeks I’m simply too busy to go out and search for that elusive perfect bird photo. This was one of those weeks. Full time work schedule, home fairly exhausted each night.  School started for the boys this week.  Mad dash for school supplies on Wednesday. Saturday full of family and the high school marching band preview show. Errands and now, rain on Sunday.

So, only one bird photo to share this week. A simple picture of a goldfinch in a neighbor’s flower garden. A quick snap as I walked around the block with my youngest son. 

By far, not even a great photo of a goldfinch. However, seeing the flash of yellow go by us and then, pointing it out in their garden. Definitely, a great bird watching joy! That’s how my bird watching happened this week, quick stolen moments as I went about my days and evenings.

Other Bird Watching Moments From Last Week:

  • Heard, then saw a cardinal in the neighbor’s evergreen tree. Watched the neighborhood mockingbird fly over and perch in the same tree. And then, the little hummingbird zipped over to the tree as well. What a time to not have my camera! However, instead of worrying about the perfect shot. I simply stood and watched. Soon enough the hummingbird buzzed away. Then, the mockingbird. Lastly, the cardinal.
  • Things I need to research: Why do they call them turkey vultures? To preschool children, they look like eagles.  The kids look at me with wide eyes when I say, “I think eagles are a little bit bigger than those birds”
  • A group of geese just hanging out in the Target parking lot after a brief afternoon rain shower moved through our area.
  • Many swifts or maybe barn swallows flying about in the sky making their familiar calls.
  • Last night, a hawk or maybe a falcon (my husband thinks it was a falcon, I think it was a young Cooper’s hawk) flying to a tree in a front yard down the street. And then off, to another area.

Sometimes, it’s nice to take a small (forced) break from trying to capture all the birds with the camera. I still enjoy just watching them. What birds did you enjoy watching last week?

Joining in the Bird Depot hosted by Anni over at I’d Rather B Birdin’


Next 30 Days Of Summer Link Up

Where oh where did my summer go? It’s still summer and yet, school starts tomorrow. I’ve been working lots and haven’t had nearly enough pool time.


Still, I plan to enjoy this later part of summer between all the faux fall business. And hopefully, do a much better job blogging about it.

I know a few friends who might favor late summer because it’s that much closer to fall.  Six weeks of summer left if you’re counting. I actually saw a ground-hog tonight. He couldn’t see his shadow due to the clouds. I think that means 6 full weeks of summer left, right?  Sorry, no early fall this year.

A few of my late summer favorites: Monarch butterflies, the beginning of the migrating birds, sunflowers, Labor Day weekend, fairs and carnivals (though I don’t know how many we’ll get to visit), late summer garden harvest and fried green tomatoes.

This post was pretty short as its main function was just to get our link up. I do have a longer post in progress for later.

What are some of your late summer favorites?



What’s Going On Wednesday: The Unofficial End of Summer

First a brief blog update and announcement: If you tried accessing my blog lately and wondered when I decided to start selling pharmaceuticals, don’t worry. I’m not running a side business peddling wonder drugs to men.  Stupid hackers!  Fixed now.

On to my regularly (actually, unscheduled) posting:  

Officially, summer’s not over until September!

Unofficially, school starts tomorrow. Lots of area schools (including my preschool) started earlier this week.  I’m only working a half-day today so we can go do “fun” things like:

  • haircuts (yes, this was on the to-do list a few weeks ago but was a big to-didn’t)
  • school supply scavenger hunt in the house (HA!) just to make sure we have a few things (The high school senior, gulp, doesn’t really need anything but pencils. We have a list for the 8th grader but we’re not seriously following it until I know what the teachers request)
  • Possibly running out to buy an 8th grade band book
  • Water balloons (must have some fun!)
  • Not back to school related but we need to pick up a birthday card for my husband’s grandfather. He turns 99(!) on Saturday!

If you’re a kindergarten parent, this parent of now senior in  high school says save a few tears and tissues for that year!

Other Random Thoughts From The Week:

  • Now that G’s an official driver, I’ve hardly seen him. My husband says this is normal. I say I still don’t like it.
  • Part of this is because I’m essentially working a full-time schedule again this week. I like being there and seeing all the new (and old) faces of the kids but I do miss being at home. No peaceful, quiet house for me tomorrow as I’ll be at work. No hearing about the boys’ first days until after 5 PM for me.
  • Our 30 Days of Summer blog series doesn’t stop this week. Still have 6 weeks to join us in our fun! Link up goes live every Thursday morning at 6:00 AM and you can link up any summer themed post.
  • Boring non-school related things on my list today: pay insanely high electric bill (there’s a reason to want fall weather) and renew library books.
  • Realizing I forgot to unload the dishwasher so really didn’t have time for this post.

Off to work I go. If you’re reading this, hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

(And if you came here looking to sell or purchase pharmaceuticals, kindly take your business elsewhere!)


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