Birds Spotted On A Beautiful Fall Day

It’s another beautiful fall day in our area. I’m hoping to get the family out to take a walk at a local park a bit later this afternoon.

Our weather’s been ping-ponging back and forth between too cold and warm, sunny days. This past Tuesday, J stayed home sick from school so I did my bird-watching from our front and backyards.

The birds were busy in the early afternoon hour!  Robins were chasing off the Bluejays. I spotted the first set of dark-eyed Juncos for the year. And watched some sparrows. And of course, heard my Carolina wren singing about it all.

I saw a small flutter in a hole high up on a tree between the yards.  Walked around the backyard so I could zoom in on the little, busy bird.  Hello, again sparrows!  Who was knocking at his door?

This red-bellied woodpecker busy looking for treats! 

This little downy woodpecker also crept pretty close to the sparrow’s front door…

A starling kept watch in the afternoon sun. 

The same afternoon sun made most my bird photo attempts look like this. 


Go check out the Bird Depot hosted by Anni of I’d Rather B Birdin’ for more (and much better than these) bird photos.

Does Hygge Require Happy?

I’ve not been great at keeping up with this series. Doesn’t mean I’ve not been writing posts in my mind.

While over all we had a nice weekend, I’m not sure how well I did with the hygge manifesto living.  The boys had both Friday and Monday off school though I did work Friday. We were on the go for the first part with a high school football game and a Saturday morning parade.

The second part, more low-key plus an argument with my husband. Just enough to ruin my mood. Is it possible to find hygge in a bad mood?

I applied the “outside is calming” principle. It helped a bit.

Worked in the yard:  

Spent the time planting tulip bulbs. We’ve already had a frost but not enough of one for it to be a concern. And moving irises. And planting a “dead” sage bush I bought on clearance. It’s a perennial. Noticed the lavender basket on the ground (windy days) so decided to plant that as well.

Walked to the front. Decided to move the butterfly bush to the butterfly garden area I started over the summer. Thought I should move the tropical milkweed as well. Noticed the seed pod almost ready. Took those seeds to the backyard wildflower garden plot.

The butterfly garden now has two kinds of milkweed, zinnias, daisies (if they return), a butterfly bush, and some black-eyed Susan flowers I moved over there as well.  The next order for it might be rocks to help with the erosion a bit.

Back Inside:

Spent some time drawing rudimentary maps of how I want the flower gardens to look next spring and summer. 

As the day faded, ignored most everyone and read a book.

Is it possible to do hygge things without feeling happy?  Yes. And I do think it improves a bad mood a bit.




Happy Homemaker Monday, A Lazy Morning

Off to a bit of a slower start today.  There’s no school today and my oldest had friends over last night. Thus, we have a house full of sleeping teenagers. No rush to get up and go anywhere (my husband did have to work).

Let’s just get straight to the planning the rest of the week. As usual, I’ll be linking up over at Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom where Sandra hosts this wonderful link-up.

The Weather Outside 

Nice! Finally, not so cold and rainy though still windy. Supposed to be almost 70 today! I’ll take it. I know it doesn’t make my fall-loving friends very happy but I needed that sunshine. Rest of the week in the upper 50’s with a few slight chances of rain.

On The Breakfast Plate

A Chobani flip pumpkin pie yogurt and coffee. Debating getting donuts for the sleeping teenagers. It’s Monday though so all the good shops take this day off. Not sure I’ll make the drive to a different suburb for them.

As I Look Outside My Window

The sun’s shining in a blue sky and leaves are starting to hide the backyard. We have lots of sticks to pick up out there as well.

Right Now I Am

Listening to the local news as I type up this post and taking lots of breaks for more sips of coffee.

As I Look Around The House

Since it’s full of sleeping teenagers, I’ve confined myself back here in our bedroom. It’s a bit of a mess. Even this desk has lost its feng shui way and sits covered (again) in clutter. SIGH. I see a project for today.

On Today’s To-Do List

  1. Clean off the top of the desk/entire bedroom
  2. Make a list of projects requiring husband’s help
  3. Write some blog posts (clearly, I’m having trouble with my 31 days series)
  4. Work in yard, plant more tulips/maybe irises..
  5. Get with oldest son on a day to tour a college he’s interested in attending

Currently Reading

Read Survival of the Fritters by Ginger Bolton over the weekend. A fun and easy read, I’m ready for her next book. Working my way through 10 Minute Feng Shui Room-By-Room by Skye Alexander. Excited to start reading Wildcard by Marie Lu sometime this week (lucky library find!).

On The TV Today

Not sure. I may watch a few more episodes of The 90’s, the latest in the CNN decades series on Netflix.  Plans tonight so I’ll miss Manifest.

On The Menu This Week

No idea…we didn’t do very good with following a plan last week. Hope this week is better. So far not as busy so maybe…

MONDAY:  Spaghetti? *MNO*

TUESDAY:  Pork chops, spicy sweet potatoes

WEDNESDAY:  Chicken legs

THURSDAY: Fish/shrimp (frozen), baked potatoes

FRIDAY: Hamburgers/Hot Dogs *I work 8:30-3:45* *J has a Halloween party to attend*

What I Am Creating At The Moment

Still (not) working on 31 Days series.

Also working on all the garden areas of the yard with visions of next spring/summer. Yesterday, I planted a sage bush and purple tulips in the back corner of the backyard. Now I think I’ll plant tulips all around the area I’ve set for the wildflowers. Also, planted some of my lavender back there, moved our irises to the south side of the house, and moved more flowers to my butterfly garden area including the butterfly weed.

New Recipe I Tried Or Want To Try

The spicy sweet potatoes aren’t really new but I don’t think I’ve ever tried them on the kids and it’s been a long time since I’ve made them…

Favorite Photo

Most my favorite photos from the weekend are of my boys together doing marching band things (it was 8th grade night at the high school followed by both marching in the homecoming parade on Saturday morning). I won’t share their photos of the blog for privacy reasons.

It was a beautiful (but chilly) morning for a parade! 

Quote For The Week

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. (Audrey Hepburn)


What’s on your calendar this week?





A Bird In The Bush…

Yesterday afternoon, I noticed this sparrow as I arrived home from work. He sat on the wire running through the neighbor’s evergreen tree.
 Turning his head from side to side.
 I stood and watched for a few minutes before grabbing my camera. The sparrow continued to intently turn his head side to side, listening. Once I returned with my camera, he looked at me curiously. 

Then, he tweeted a few times and hopped back into the depths of the evergreen tree.

I did see a few other birds this week but not during convenient picture-taking times, mostly robins and downy woodpeckers at home.  Some cardinals and a flock of geese flying overhead at work.

And of course, sparrows.

Linking this post up with The Bird Depot hosted by Anni over at I’d Rather B Birdin’.

Finding Hygge Hidden In The Laundry Basket

My week started with a muddy coat on Monday.  No choice but to throw it in the washer on gentle cycle and hang it to dry.

All week, when I throw on my coat, the wonderful scent of fresh laundry captures my senses. (And gives me slight pause to wonder if I needed to wash my coat well before the mud puddle incident.)

Today, I worked a half-day, came home and tackled our over-flowing laundry. Seriously, out-of-town Saturday, lazy day Sunday, and work plus evening activities Monday and Tuesday….lots of laundry waiting!

I started with my “hidden” pile of gentle cycle, hang to dry clothes. My husband helps with the laundry, probably stays more on top of it than me. However, he’s not a label reader. If it’s in the basket, it goes in the washer and then, in the dryer. Not all clothes are dryer friendly so I keep a pile aside out of the laundry baskets.

After smelling my coat the last 2 days, I knew I wanted to wash all the hang to dry laundry today. Mostly work t-shirts, a vacation t-shirt, a pair of J’s black dress pants, and my dress from the wedding we attended.

I use our shower rod to hang the clothes for drying. Makes the bathroom smell great! Why not outside?  Honestly, birds. I like to bird watch but I don’t want their poop on my freshly cleaned laundry.

How is it Hygge?

  • I had to take my time, waiting on the washing machine, picking the right hangers.
  • The scent of clean laundry is one of my favorites, adding to the atmosphere of our home and bringing me pleasure.
  • Taking the time to appreciate and have gratitude for the comfort of clean laundry made a usually mundane task somewhat enjoyable.

I did not expect to find hygge hidden in the laundry but it was there. And it was just about as nice as finding the occasional spare dollar in the dryer!

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